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Leo Heller

is a United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights to water and sanitation. He holds an MSC in sanitation and environmental studies and a PhD in Epidemiology.                                     

Marussia Whately

is a consultant in the field of water resources and sustainability. Whately coordinates the Alliance for Water, a civil society coalition of over 70 individual organizations.                                     

Pedro Mancuso

is a Senior Professor for the Faculty of Public Health of the University of São Paulo and Administrative Director of the Support Center for the Faculty of Public Health.                                     

Richard Palmer

has won more than 9 awards for his work. He is a world landmark in environmental engineering research and its ramifications and he was a key consultant in the resolution of the Californian water crisis.                                     

Thiago Mundano

is a graffiti artistist, environmental activist and the creator of the famous car at Cantareira. Mundano has portrayed the water crisis on the walls of São Paulo and thorugh TED talks all over the world.                                     

Paula Freire Santoro

is an architect and holds a masters degree in Environmental and Urban Structures and a PhD in Habitat. Currently she is professor of Urban Planning at FAU/USP.                                     

Marzeni Pereira

is a unionist and ex-technologist in sanitation at Sabesp where he worked for 22 years.                                     

Eduardo Fagnani

holds a BA in Economy from the University of São Paulo, a Masters in Political Sciences and a PhD in Economy from the State University of Campinas.                                     

José Galizia Tundisi

is graduated in Natural History from USP, a Masters in Oceanography from the University Of Southampton and a PhD in Biological Sciences (Botanics). Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences since 1981.                                     

Darcy Brega

entered Sabesp in 1989, he took on the management of the Division of Water Sources and afterwards the Department of Environmental Planning and Management. Between 2007 and 2012 he managed the Technical and Environmental Development Department.                                     

Saskia Sassen

is a professor of Sociology at Columbia University and she chairs the Committee on Global Thought. She is author of 8 books translated in more than 20 languages and she is awarded by the Netherlands Accademy of Sciences and by the French government.                                     

Antônio Carlos Zuffo

holds a PhD in Hidraulic Engineering and a Post Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, acting mostly in hidrology, urban drainage and water resources planning.                                     

Virgílio Farias

is a lawyer and environmentalist. He started his fight in the union movement in the beginning of the 80’s and chaired the Movement in Defense of Life in the ABC region and the Municipal Council in Defense of the Environment in Diadema.                                     

Ricardo Daruiz Borsari

holds a masters degree in Hidraulic and Sanitary Engineering and was a professor at Mackenzie, FAAP, PUC and USP. Today he holds the office of the Superintendance of DAEE, Department of Waters and Electric Energy, a body of the State Government.                                                  

Edison Carlos

is president of the Trata-Brasil Institute that acts before the Legislative Power and before the Parliamentary Fronts and Commissions in the planning and execution of studies connected to basic sanitation.                                     

María Martín

is a Spanish journalist from El País. Based in São Paulo. Maria was the main journalist to cover the water crisis.                                     

Newton Lima Azevedo

is a Civil Enginer graduated from USP and Governor on behalf of Brazil in the World Water Council, member of the AQUAFED (International Federation of Private Water Operators ) Executive Committeee and Vice President of ABDIB.                                     

Laércio Benko

was President of the CPI (Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry) of Sabesp and State Representative for PHS party. He graduated in law from Osasco Law School and holds a Masters in Tax Law.                                     

Paulo Saldiva

is a pathologist physician and professor at the Department of Pathology of the University of São Paulo Medical School.                                     

Alexandra Faccioli Martins

is a State Prosecutor of Gaema/MPE in Piracicaba. She graduated in Law from University of São Paulo and holds a masters degree in Environmental Law.                                     

Carlos Roberto Vieira da Silva Filho

is CEO of ABRELPE and Executive Secretary of Ibero-American Network of Solid Waste. He is the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) Regional Coordinator for Latin America.                                     

Ivanildo Hespanhol

is professor at the University of São Paulo and Director of the International Reference Center on Water Reuse CIRRA/IRCWR. He is experienced in Sanitation and environmental engineering.                                     

Padre Júlio Lancellotti

is a Brazilian catholic priest and an episcopal vicar of Povo da Rua (People of the Streets). He heads many municipal projects to serve the population in need. During the water crisis he distributed water to the homeless.                                     

Vicente Andreu Guillo

is the President of the National Water Agency (ANA). He was the National Secretary of Water Resources and Urban Environment for the Ministry of Environment.