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With populations on the rise, actual and future generations will search for solutions of how to deal with the water crises in big cities. Soft Water Hard Stone is a heartfelt call to action on environmental and human issues. The film bears witness to the most critical water crisis ever in a metropolis with an exploding population of over 20 million inhabitants - São Paulo, Brazil.

From the toxic rivers turned into open sewers to entire neighborhoods without water for weeks, the film makers leave no stone unturned. Historical, political, financial and social issues are raised with clarity and sobriety. A profound dialog among victims, scientists, influential leaders and activists turns this complex subject into a fascinating 67’ feature narrative.

International figures such as Fulbright Scholar Richard Palmer and Saskia Sassen from Columbia University discuss, alongside representatives of the UN and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, actual and future challenges.

Public health experts and environmental activists expose the current situation and question the measures being taken, and ordinary citizens relate the terrible consequences of the crisis.

It is time to face the facts: water shortages are becoming more frequent, green areas and water sources are vanishing and mismanagement of solid waste and sewage is suffocating the rivers and reservoirs. While the politicians look the other way people are suffering.

What can be done?

More than a case study, this film adds to a growing body of investigative documentaries that are facing up to the question on how humanity is dealing with what really matters: our survival.